MARS - Cold World (Official Video)

Directed by the big homies. Intro'ed by the realest type of peoples downtown. Get Well. Soooners!


Sunday Night Insomnia 12/20/09

Appropriate? Eh.. Who cares?

Well, it has been a minute since we've done one of these. I got an excuse, though. My laptop's in the effin shop, so I been confined to the old computer. It's all good, though. Found a couple beat gems, and a track that that I TOTALLY (R.I.P. Brittany Murphy) forgot about. There will definitely be more music during this winter break. Trust me... Seriously... Trust me.

Fracture - Mars&duce


Friday Night um...

i(Duce) like to make song covers.... It's just so Deng cool

I don't know why, but we haven't released a track in a while. So... while i was bored, I decided to do a couple non-freestyles. Here's one of em, suckas! (Major shoutouts to the Coz!)

xxplosive - duce


Parisian Goldfish- FlyLo

Directed by Eric Wareheim (Tim & Eric) in association with Warp Records and Warp Films. Music by Flying Lotus. Co Directed/ Animation by Devin Flynn. Co Directed/ Edited by Eric Fensler. More info at dancefloordale.com

GreatStuff man.. like me finding it necessary to combine words.


This amused me.

He goes too HARD! 
no bruno.

- Lito.


I Feel..

about as cool as this song right now for no reason in particular. Maybe it's the basketball shorts. Maybe it's the anticipation to get some songs done this weekend. Maybe it's because I've started three sentences with the same word. 

I'm looking for some Joans.

Skool Daze= FML!!!

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet..........................FINALS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

- Carlito

Random Topic of The Week: Lunar Halos

This is a "ring around the moon" or lunar halo. Vastly overexposed in this 8 second exposure, in the center of the frame, is the moon.
Halos are caused by sunlight being refracted by cirro-stratus clouds. In the case of this lunar halo, the sunlight was first reflected off the gibbous moon, which was three days past full. Cirro-stratus clouds are thin clouds, very high in the atmosphere, and are composed of ice crystals. They bend light at a 22 degree angle, which creates a solar halo or lunar halo that is 44 degrees in diameter. 



Random Pic of the Day: FLU GAME 12 CELEBRATION!!!!

To celebrate the enormous response to the drop of the Flu Game 12s my boy MJ decided to have a night on the town!!!!!

- Carlito

inside the deep minds of sooners...

Facebook statuses = inner-most thoughts

This is the first time I'd ever noticed this phenomenon. Three Sooners posting statuses within minutes of each other and no one in between. Crazy. Almost as crazy as this new bbbeat of mine that I ain't played for nobody. BLAOW!


The XX - Crystalised

A video from the album that gets the most play when in the car. Like this morning at 5:30 when Carlito&I went to Shortpump for BlackFriday. Starbucks was PACKED. Next year some of us should camp out.


Gon Getcha Some


Its that time of year again when skinny ppl (like me....and the rest of the Sooners) can pig out like our more full bodied counterparts.

So in the wise words of my boy Big Sean when your Grandma offers you that extra plate you better "Gon Getcha Some"

Stay Up
- Carlito (Yeah,yeah.....there really is a fourth member of Get Well Soon)


Zsolt Sarkozi..

is a beast(in an artistic sense of the word?). The next time I get a moment to sit down and do something constructive I'm going to make sure I procrastinate by setting up an appointment with him for one of these next summers. As for the present? There is work in the morning, afternoon, and probably evening/night. So ladies, keep it tight.

(Can I say that?)


Sunday Night Insomnia 11/15/09

Lawnmower = ?

True story, there's only two people that know the exact recipe for Coca-Cola. There's only two people that know all the herbs and spices used in the Colonel's original KFC recipe. And there's only two people that know what a lawnmower is (MILF? Nice guess, but no). It's probably gonna stay like that for a while to. Get used to it. Or get used to the track. If you're cool, you can do both.

miDDLecLassmen - Lawnmowers


"Just Ventin"


So, it feels like we've been doing this for a lifetime (To me at least...)  ,and while I am proud of how far we've gotten.. There's always room for improvement. I know on this journey called life, we still have a long way to go, and that's the main reason I am so glad we are doing this music thing. To chronicle our ups and downs, good-times and bad nights, and just plain goofy moments. So one day when we have the time and urge to look back we'll know that it all bad out in the end, regardless of the success we may or may not have achieved, we'll know that we had a damn good time doing it. Making memories and sharing moments with anyone with enough will to listen to these group of average astounding guys with dreams, hopes, goals, fears, and wishes; just like you.. but maybe a little more twisted. So keep enjoying the music...and you know we'll enjoy making it. Signing out...



Misadventures of Flapjack

Couldn't find the episode I originally wanted to post but I suppose this will do. Enjoy if you have a sense of humor.


Portishead- Glory Box (The Live Version!)

Duce says I'm overdoing it on the posts. So obviously I'm going to keep the posts coming like.. like a.. uhhh.. nevermind. Shouts to meebo!
THIS IS MY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I remember looking for this mp3 for ages! a few days and could never locate it. Beth Gibbons delivers, and the production?! Man, classic. So emotional! So dramatic! So miDDLecLass. But seriously, Im in a real musical state at the moment while watching MNF. End of post.

Women in Art

Believe it or not: Wilt Chamberlain has been with them all..

Am I joking or not? Think about it.

Dr.Kode9- Black Sun

I really wouldn't mind making songs over more Dubstep as oppose to regular hip hop. No shots to the post below. *pow pow*


Sunday Night Insomnia 11/8/09

What up biscuits, Its MARS coming through to let you hear the latest SNI drop. So enjoy, something deep to chill to on another Saturday night.

this is maaajorr

Our first external feature. Mama, we made it off our own blog!

Can't you tell by the explanation exclamation marks...!!! Finally!!! Someone gave us the time of day to listen to our mixtape. And here's the kicker.... he liked it. It may not be one of the super-major blogs (I'm looking at you 2dopeboyz) but that doesn't even start to lessen our gratitude. iDOPEBOY, you really came through for us. No previous relation, no butt-kissin, just real recognizing real (<--- How cool am I for saying that? very.) Some pics that made my morning much better. BIG shoutouts to idopeboy.imstrate.com. Hit the jump for more pics of my good morning.


It's The RE-UP!

Red Cover
IT'S A ZIP NOW!!! Click the pic or click the link


Sunday Night Insomnia: The Mixtape

Get Well Soon,GWS
Click the image to download.

I finally decided to put what we've been doing in a cohesive collection. If you've been following the blog (like you should've), you probably heard a good amount of these songs. If you haven't, welcome to Get Well Soon. Everybody has experienced that feeling on Sunday night when you can't go to sleep because you slept in on Saturday and Sunday morning after a full night of partying and getting wasted volunteering at the orphanage. It's what we call Sunday Night Insomnia. So we decided to start releasing tracks for those that stay awake, while the losers everyone else is enjoying a good night of sleep. Here's 16 tracks for the niggies and the bitties, which includes some unreleased isht, brought to you by the good folks at Get Well Soon.


Sunday Night Insomnia 10/25/09

Looks like the posters have been slacking lately. Personally, I had the swine flu, so I take zero blame for that. We do got a new track for y'all, though. Over some good ol' Dilla production, which is always good. I got homework to do, tests to study for, and I feel like I should be doing something musically. Well folks... I'm failing at all three. So, let's make it happen!

Couldn't Tell You - .miDDLecLassmen.


wednesday night funnies...

Something that kept my spirits up, in the midst of my bout with the Swine (yea, I had it).


SoundCloud Test.Something Wrong

Testing out Sound Cloud. Seems nice so far but only being able to upload five tracks(hopefully 5 tracks show up.) a month is a bummer since I don't plan on getting a pro account anytime soon.

Bang Gang- Something Wrong by theSOONERS

Bang Gang's last album up since I don't have five tracks of ours on this cpu. Might as well promote somebody, right? Listen to it. Appreciate it. Love it. I am.

*Wondering where the live action Fist of the Northstar video is..*


Newest Inspiration/Fascination: Film-Noir

I would explain how&why I fell into this deep interest for film-noir within these past few hours but I'm too busy scouring Google for the soundtracks to Asphalt Jungle and Key Largo. Not to mention I need to get into my 2k10 Association (miDDLecLass vice #1.). So here's a wikiLINK.

Maybe Portishead's 'Dummy' album (which has been on a constant loop all day) is to blame? Any way you cut it, Wiki wins.


Sunday Night Insomnia 10/12/09

Well here we go again, another sunday another fun-day! (or not). I know you've been missing MARS, well here's something to feed your appetite. Some more rap for the soul. I recorded the first version of this song a couple of weeks ago and finally came back to write another verse. Here it is-

Dead Presidents II



Dog Food

My bbbad, people. My bbbad. I forgot we had this track in the vaults. He went in on this track, so the title was fitting (no shots at everybody's favorite dog-loving football player that might've been a low blow) Anyways.... here's some new heat from Mars' favorite rapper.

Dog Food - Rob Alushun



Who knew this play on words could be so corny. (Ha.) But seriously, if you think you are good at producing.... Well, if you think you're great at producing (we actually DON'T want none of that mediocre isht) then send us some beats man. You can drop a link in the comments section or you can send it to our email at gwsamerica@gmail.com

Hit us up!

We'll prolly have a teaser for the next track release sometime this weekend. Who knows, eh? Just keep checking le site and you should be good.


A Good Read:

Rare occasion today. I have a day off. Feel like catching up on manga after I sparked an idea yesterday. Downside: A new chapter of Liar Game has not surfaced yet. Best read since I finished Uzumaki. Maybe I'll finish Basilisk or something. If you're not familiar with what I'm speaking of..

Series Info
Title: Liar Game
OM Rank: 87
Categories: drama, live action, psychological, seinen

Author: Kaitani Shinobu

Artist: Kaitani Shinobu

Chapters: 84 - ongoing - irregular

Congratulations! You are one of the 1 in 100,000 people who have been entered in the amazing LIAR GAME TOURNAMENT!
Along with the postcard there are 100 million yen in notes. That's the beginning of the Liar Game. When the game ends, in 30 days, you will have to return your 100 million. If your opponent steals them, he can keep them as a prize, and you will have a debt of 100 million...



Sunday Night Insomnia 9/27/09

Teaching um... Who cares? Kids love Field Trips!

Everybody who visited this site regularly (or semi-regularly) last year knows that we didn't do to well with having consistent posts. Well, we're trying to change that mentality this year. It's time to get busy! (corny punchline. Hah.) That means more music, more middleclassmen, more um.... I don't know where else to go with this sentence. But I know for a fact (for a fiddddact) that you're not actually here to READ what I have to say. Y'all can't read anyway. I'm trying to keep my good karma, so enough chit-chat.... Here's the new track niggies and bitties!

Badd(RealBad)RoleModels (Prod. Willie Green) - Mars and Duce

No wonder kids are saying the darnedest things!



New track coming produced by Willie Green. Co-starring Mars and duce. Sunday Night Insomnia.

So, what now?

Hello bastards and broads it tis yours truley MARS aka Patrick Blayze, so I KNOW you wondering "what's next for get well soon?" Well I am too so we're in the same boat. But let's enjoy the trip, new musuic will be posted soon. Yaknow! -MARS


Hump Dee?

I was telling D.U.C.E. about this the other day.(because his name is/used to be an acronym.. "Get Well Trivia!") The kinds of commercials I come home to after midnight.. Notice the Old Man's 'sugar-feet' though.

When bad ideas come to fruition.. and get even worse.


this is a public service announcement

Not sponsored by Rocafella... but, still very entertaining. I don't know why, but I find old PSAs wildly amusing. Like I can't help but to smile when I see these. So I'm going start spreading the joy like VD! (is that a pun or just a lame joke?) Anywho, apparently, the number one fact off life is "VD gets around." I can't make this stuff up people. It seems like songs were the way to appeal to the young generation then, so they came up with this stuff. Can't understand why she's so happy to sing about it. And this is what they used to have on TV. Why don't they have this on TV anymore?

P.S. New track will be released by the end of the week.

if i only had some cash: notebook? edition

I always wondered why they called laptops, "notebooks." It always just seemed like more confusion than it was worth, BUT I get it now (I get it!)! ::lightbulb flickers overhead:: This right here, though! This right here?! Bananas. insert lame joke here. If this was put in my price range of about $20, I'd hop on the nearest bus to the nearest airport, to the nearest place in Asia selling it (cause I'm almost positive they gonna get it first, like c'mon... made in taiwan?). Apparently Microsoft is developing it and it might be like, the future of computers. Goodness gracious I need some money. Such is the life of a college boy(? man? young adult? scrapper? hooligan?) This thing is like some type of tablet laptop/book type thing that can instantly make you the envy of your friends. (no lie: that's actually the tagline) don't sue me microsoft.


simply, the carter

This may have been the top video for GWS in 08 (and part of 09). I remember the day too... I saw it extra late one night in September 08. So that means when I decided to show it too the fellas, it may have turned out much weaker than what I experienced when I was 3/4-way into a deep sleep. BUT, luckily for everybody, after a slow start, it ended SUPERBLY. Had it full screen on the big TV, too. Just marvelous. After that, we spread the news of the video around school and it just hit like BLAOW (NICCAT!)! If you ain't seent it yet, just watch. And make sure you watch the WHOLE thing. AND JEEZ there were just soo many quotables... like which one is the best?


arrival (prod. willie green) - mars

Music is fun. So is taking pictures and pointing at random people, eh Mars?

Well, let's keep the tracks coming folks. I'm trying to figure new ways to get new people here. There's only so much fun you can have being the only follower to your own site. Am I right? Yes? Yes.

So, you know Mars. If not, you should know soon. New track produced by Willie Green (good look on the production). Mixed and mastered at the local sweatshop.

Arrival (Prod. Willie Green) - Mars


a new season begins...

Well well well... School season's back, football season's back, soo... i guess it's time for Get Well Soon to return. Even though my boy mars had a few flashes over the summer, nobody really updated the blog. I think its time to give it a new look. Whaddya think? Well, here's a new track from me and the homie Rob. Shoutouts to anyone who becomes a follower for the group. Leave a comment on one of our facebooks or something. Let's get into it!

tooCOOL - Rob Alushun feat. Duce


Sunday Night Insomnia 6/28/09

What up hoes? It's Marco checking in on another Sunday night. Im here with some new heat for your iTunes. So check it out. Its called 'Triumph'

Download it HERE


Sunday Night Insomnia 5/31/09

Ahhh, oh the days fly by. Already the end of may in a couple of minutes. Things are gettin kind of hectic for ya on the closing of the school year and all of that. But this should be a good summer for GWS and THE Astro Boyz. So here's something to kick the summer off. MARS - Amazing

Download HERE
(P.S. Go Magic!)


Sunday Night Insomnia 5/24/09

Ok, hows it going peeps. I've been working on a lot of tracks these past weeks for an upcoming mixtape. Ill be distributing these tapes myself as usual but probably in more different places as usual, also were trying to get a couple shows and all that good stuff. So on to the track, here's 'A Woman's Heart'.
-by MARS

Download HERE


Sunday Night Insomnia 5/17/09

Yea yea... Everybody's a critic. No matter the definition

So you may not know about this song, but if you did... They wait is finally over. Middleclassmen two SNI's in a row? Somebody's getting on the griiiinnnd!!! Enough talk though. Listen to the track... (I feel like we should make a video for this one...)

iHate(2's)days - .middleclassmen

iHate(2's)DAYS update....

Well, for those that know about it, this is a highly anticipated track. But then again... so is every Get Well Soon track (yeah, i'm feeling myself [| |]. so what?) It should be getting released tonight. However, that's only if the Magic win this Game 7. If the Celtics win (hopefully not.), then the track isn't coming out til Tuesday/Wednesday. Why? Cause I effin' feel like it! Thats why! Chea!


Sunday Night Insomnia 5/10/09

I actually meant Kung Fu... not Kung Few...

Sooo.... while one half of the G-Dub was out making connections and whatnot, the other half was recording. Sounds kinda productive if you ask me, but I feel like we coulda done more... Oh well... We wanted to put an intro on this, but that wasn't done in time but still... I been playing this track on repeat for like an hour even though I'm tryin' to listen to alot less rap for a while (read: Mission Impossible). We'll see how that goes. Here goes the fruits of miDDLecLassmen's labor.


Sunday Night Insomia 4/26/09

So another sunday night huh? Well MARS is here and I had to bring back a classic from my man Big Pun (R.I.P.) of course. So here it is we all need to take time from our day to remember a TRUE legend in Big Pun. Hope you enjoy.


Download HERE


MARS - Prom Night Pimp

With prom season here again and my love for early 2000 instrumentals I just had to come out with a prom song. But me being me, I had to make it totally obscene and ignorant. So I hope you enjoy this one, remember to bump it on the way to that hotel!

Download HERE


Rob - Four Seasons of Frostbite

SO ever since January I've been practicing with my poetry team, Nahuatl (pronounced na-what), for a competition called the Soundbites Poetry Festival held on Broadway in NY. On April 10th-12th, we competed against about 9 other teams, mainly concentrated from NY, and we ripped them...ALL!!! Repping Richmond VA hard, we became the champions of the competition (we were rewarded a nice lil amount of prize moolah too.) Anyways, that Friday I got to perform at the "famous" Nuyorican Poet's Cafe. That whole weekend was amazing for me, so I thought it would be nice to share a piece of that with you:




MARS – Never Forget (Snippet)

Yo,yo,yo I’ve been slacking busy recently due to this establishment called school, But I have been working on this song Never Forget. Basically it’s the story of a man and his woman through the early days of a relationship all the way the end of times. So here’s a little snippet to hold you over ‘till the song is complete.

Download HERE


MARS - Toast To The Sky (Verse)

MARS' verse to the Astro Boyz upcoming song "Toast to the Sky"

Waitin - MARS (New Song)

Its been raining pretty much everday this, and im not going to lie, It's got ya boy feeling a little down. But luckily for me I got this thing called hip-hop to lighten the mood up (at least a little bit). So from me to you here's a new track 'Waitin'. Just peep it and learn a little more about me.

or download HERE


Sunday Night Insomnia 4/12/09

"OOOOOOHHH!!! 757 on 'em"

Ah man.... we (read: Middle Classmen) probably coulda been way more productive considering we had a whole week (springbreak) to record. But we were SUPER-productive for the first 6 hours of one day, and then... pure exhaustion. At one point, we were recording a new track (not this one) and then all of a sudden the whole computer cuts off. We were on the last verse. Pandemonium ensued (hm... didn't know I knew that word...). We look down and see the charger is unplugged like the gods were working on their sabotaging skills. Luckily ,the track was recovered though. But by this time... Huh...? I'm supposed to be putting up a track? Not ranting? Jeez... a brother try to share his experiences and this is how... Man... Just take the track. ungrateful bastards...

Get Well Soon - The Hey (Watup!)


Rob is the man..

just watch


Sunday Night Insomia 3/29/09

"beware the Ides of March"

..but march is over so fuck it,, 

Its MARS n i had to finish out March with a banger(or i hope so)

so peep it;

MARS - Take It Off

Thanks for checkin it!!



a lil song for the ladies (video pt.1)

A little song for the ladies from MARS Barnes on Vimeo.

A Little singin from urs truley wit the keys for Carlito,,, lmao


Sunday Night Insomnia 3/23/09

"Ayo... I bet you 2 wallabees that she's thinking about me..."

Maybe we should just make this a monthly thing. Might decrease the disappointments, eh? At any rate, here's something new. Something Duce. Suuuuuper-unexpected.... But... prom night is just a month and some change away and you need something smooth for the playlist, right? (That also means a classic joke is coming back... Beware. Hah!) PERSONALLY, I been repeating this track for like 30 minutes... This my jam.

Duce - This The Right One...

Or... http://www.mediafire.com/?yjzzlnwmz0z


4 Days Outta School

And no music to show for it. smh. At least we had some fun on an unnecessary trip to Meals on Wheels. Chea.

"Snow got me droppin' it like it's hot..." - Duce


Did you meet Carlito, yet?

Hah. We gettin' reeeeeeeaaaaaaal up-close-n-personal... if ya know what i'm sayin'.....

"Did y'all write on my face? Y'all wrote on my face." - Carlito.


Sunday Night Insomnia 2/22/09

"Is it too soon to say that?"
Son... Cats got 4-page papers to write, books to re-read (Hamlet Sparknotes, anyone?), stats to analyze, discussions to write, and (wikipedia) facts to look up but still.... Sunday Night Insomnia is here for y'all.

Mars and Duce: And I Always...

(and for the yokels that don't know how to click the above link...)

Update: Hm. Seems like zshare is on the fritz. Oh well... I'm starting to like mediafire more anyways... Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?wju4zxlknzm


The Making of...

Street Fighters! Robots in Disguise!


Too far? Ok. Um... This track doesn't have a title yet. It might (actually... almost definitely will) be the next Sunday Night Insomnia, though. Starring yours truly (Duce, if y'ain't know!) and Mars. Be on the lookout for it tomorrow night.

Gee Double-You Ess

Some of y'all may not know us. Some of y'all may know us and hate that we have so many inside jokes (yeah, you aint know i knew, did you?). BUTT! It's all good. We gonna start letting y'all see what we do when we do what we do. Oh yea! Click the title if you wanna see who wins in a push-up contest at our main smoothie jank! Shoutouts to my main homie at the register! Sunday Night Insomnia coming this Sunday (duh...) and we probably gonna put up the making-of video (if you can call it that). Y'all betta leave a comment... please...



My bad for being late.. but here it is.. MARS 3rd mixtape!!!!

 http://sharebee.com/25af720e copy and paste link to download


We Ain't Leave Yet....

"crazy baby, we good...."

Guess who?

While y'all was out boo-loving, Get Well Soon was putting in work! We got a new track for the bitties and niggies to jam to. If you're a rap fan, you at least know who made the beat. And we got another one in the vault for the Sunday Night Insomnia (I know, I know, we been slacking). Also, be on the lookout for the new Mars mixtape which should be uploaded on Tuesday: In Mars We Trust. Without further ado, I present to you "It's All Good." (feat. Get Well Soon)

It's All Good.



Jerry Hsu = Dope

Check out this vid of Jerry Hsu on his dope ish.. Even if your not a skater, gotta respect it!



Man destroys little kids (LOL)

O.D. !!!

-MARS & Carlito


MARS - Down n Out Writestyle

Everybody and there dead grandmother spit over this beat, so why not. Download the track now, this is gona be on MARS' mixtape In MARS We Trust which i'm currently making too much songs for.

MARS - Down n Out Writestyle


Sunday Night Insomnia 1/11/09

The Second Installment of Sunday Night Insomnia.

Luke & MARS: The Truth (produced by Carlito of SUPREME QUALITY)

Click Link Below To Download

Luke & MARS - The Truth


Sunday Night Insomnia 1/4/09

The first post of a series we like to call Sunday Night Insomnia. Every sunday night we'll post a track that we aren't using for a specific project.

The first installment is a track called "Yo" produced by Me (Carlito). Luke and MARS on the rhymes. This is what happens during a studio session of pure boredom.

Click Link Below
Yoo - Luke and MARS (prod.Carlito) RUFF DRAFT

or paste link



01/03/09 How long before he messes up?

To begin, Happy Birthday (Not One But) DUCE!

Luke Spiffy in the Studio

Robaloo & Duce "Sound Good To Me"

DUCE Snap???