Sunday Night Insomia 3/29/09

"beware the Ides of March"

..but march is over so fuck it,, 

Its MARS n i had to finish out March with a banger(or i hope so)

so peep it;

MARS - Take It Off

Thanks for checkin it!!



a lil song for the ladies (video pt.1)

A little song for the ladies from MARS Barnes on Vimeo.

A Little singin from urs truley wit the keys for Carlito,,, lmao


Sunday Night Insomnia 3/23/09

"Ayo... I bet you 2 wallabees that she's thinking about me..."

Maybe we should just make this a monthly thing. Might decrease the disappointments, eh? At any rate, here's something new. Something Duce. Suuuuuper-unexpected.... But... prom night is just a month and some change away and you need something smooth for the playlist, right? (That also means a classic joke is coming back... Beware. Hah!) PERSONALLY, I been repeating this track for like 30 minutes... This my jam.

Duce - This The Right One...

Or... http://www.mediafire.com/?yjzzlnwmz0z


4 Days Outta School

And no music to show for it. smh. At least we had some fun on an unnecessary trip to Meals on Wheels. Chea.

"Snow got me droppin' it like it's hot..." - Duce


Did you meet Carlito, yet?

Hah. We gettin' reeeeeeeaaaaaaal up-close-n-personal... if ya know what i'm sayin'.....

"Did y'all write on my face? Y'all wrote on my face." - Carlito.