Jerry Hsu = Dope

Check out this vid of Jerry Hsu on his dope ish.. Even if your not a skater, gotta respect it!



Man destroys little kids (LOL)

O.D. !!!

-MARS & Carlito


MARS - Down n Out Writestyle

Everybody and there dead grandmother spit over this beat, so why not. Download the track now, this is gona be on MARS' mixtape In MARS We Trust which i'm currently making too much songs for.

MARS - Down n Out Writestyle


Sunday Night Insomnia 1/11/09

The Second Installment of Sunday Night Insomnia.

Luke & MARS: The Truth (produced by Carlito of SUPREME QUALITY)

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Luke & MARS - The Truth


Sunday Night Insomnia 1/4/09

The first post of a series we like to call Sunday Night Insomnia. Every sunday night we'll post a track that we aren't using for a specific project.

The first installment is a track called "Yo" produced by Me (Carlito). Luke and MARS on the rhymes. This is what happens during a studio session of pure boredom.

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Yoo - Luke and MARS (prod.Carlito) RUFF DRAFT

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01/03/09 How long before he messes up?

To begin, Happy Birthday (Not One But) DUCE!

Luke Spiffy in the Studio

Robaloo & Duce "Sound Good To Me"

DUCE Snap???