Sunday Night Insomia 4/26/09

So another sunday night huh? Well MARS is here and I had to bring back a classic from my man Big Pun (R.I.P.) of course. So here it is we all need to take time from our day to remember a TRUE legend in Big Pun. Hope you enjoy.


Download HERE


MARS - Prom Night Pimp

With prom season here again and my love for early 2000 instrumentals I just had to come out with a prom song. But me being me, I had to make it totally obscene and ignorant. So I hope you enjoy this one, remember to bump it on the way to that hotel!

Download HERE


Rob - Four Seasons of Frostbite

SO ever since January I've been practicing with my poetry team, Nahuatl (pronounced na-what), for a competition called the Soundbites Poetry Festival held on Broadway in NY. On April 10th-12th, we competed against about 9 other teams, mainly concentrated from NY, and we ripped them...ALL!!! Repping Richmond VA hard, we became the champions of the competition (we were rewarded a nice lil amount of prize moolah too.) Anyways, that Friday I got to perform at the "famous" Nuyorican Poet's Cafe. That whole weekend was amazing for me, so I thought it would be nice to share a piece of that with you:




MARS – Never Forget (Snippet)

Yo,yo,yo I’ve been slacking busy recently due to this establishment called school, But I have been working on this song Never Forget. Basically it’s the story of a man and his woman through the early days of a relationship all the way the end of times. So here’s a little snippet to hold you over ‘till the song is complete.

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MARS - Toast To The Sky (Verse)

MARS' verse to the Astro Boyz upcoming song "Toast to the Sky"

Waitin - MARS (New Song)

Its been raining pretty much everday this, and im not going to lie, It's got ya boy feeling a little down. But luckily for me I got this thing called hip-hop to lighten the mood up (at least a little bit). So from me to you here's a new track 'Waitin'. Just peep it and learn a little more about me.

or download HERE


Sunday Night Insomnia 4/12/09

"OOOOOOHHH!!! 757 on 'em"

Ah man.... we (read: Middle Classmen) probably coulda been way more productive considering we had a whole week (springbreak) to record. But we were SUPER-productive for the first 6 hours of one day, and then... pure exhaustion. At one point, we were recording a new track (not this one) and then all of a sudden the whole computer cuts off. We were on the last verse. Pandemonium ensued (hm... didn't know I knew that word...). We look down and see the charger is unplugged like the gods were working on their sabotaging skills. Luckily ,the track was recovered though. But by this time... Huh...? I'm supposed to be putting up a track? Not ranting? Jeez... a brother try to share his experiences and this is how... Man... Just take the track. ungrateful bastards...

Get Well Soon - The Hey (Watup!)


Rob is the man..

just watch