Sunday Night Insomnia 2/22/09

"Is it too soon to say that?"
Son... Cats got 4-page papers to write, books to re-read (Hamlet Sparknotes, anyone?), stats to analyze, discussions to write, and (wikipedia) facts to look up but still.... Sunday Night Insomnia is here for y'all.

Mars and Duce: And I Always...

(and for the yokels that don't know how to click the above link...)

Update: Hm. Seems like zshare is on the fritz. Oh well... I'm starting to like mediafire more anyways... Here's the link: http://www.mediafire.com/?wju4zxlknzm


The Making of...

Street Fighters! Robots in Disguise!


Too far? Ok. Um... This track doesn't have a title yet. It might (actually... almost definitely will) be the next Sunday Night Insomnia, though. Starring yours truly (Duce, if y'ain't know!) and Mars. Be on the lookout for it tomorrow night.

Gee Double-You Ess

Some of y'all may not know us. Some of y'all may know us and hate that we have so many inside jokes (yeah, you aint know i knew, did you?). BUTT! It's all good. We gonna start letting y'all see what we do when we do what we do. Oh yea! Click the title if you wanna see who wins in a push-up contest at our main smoothie jank! Shoutouts to my main homie at the register! Sunday Night Insomnia coming this Sunday (duh...) and we probably gonna put up the making-of video (if you can call it that). Y'all betta leave a comment... please...



My bad for being late.. but here it is.. MARS 3rd mixtape!!!!

 http://sharebee.com/25af720e copy and paste link to download


We Ain't Leave Yet....

"crazy baby, we good...."

Guess who?

While y'all was out boo-loving, Get Well Soon was putting in work! We got a new track for the bitties and niggies to jam to. If you're a rap fan, you at least know who made the beat. And we got another one in the vault for the Sunday Night Insomnia (I know, I know, we been slacking). Also, be on the lookout for the new Mars mixtape which should be uploaded on Tuesday: In Mars We Trust. Without further ado, I present to you "It's All Good." (feat. Get Well Soon)

It's All Good.