Gee Double-You Ess

Some of y'all may not know us. Some of y'all may know us and hate that we have so many inside jokes (yeah, you aint know i knew, did you?). BUTT! It's all good. We gonna start letting y'all see what we do when we do what we do. Oh yea! Click the title if you wanna see who wins in a push-up contest at our main smoothie jank! Shoutouts to my main homie at the register! Sunday Night Insomnia coming this Sunday (duh...) and we probably gonna put up the making-of video (if you can call it that). Y'all betta leave a comment... please...

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Kristy said...

"Shoutouts to my main homie at the register!"

^^^ thats-a me-a, Kristina! : )

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