A Good Read:

Rare occasion today. I have a day off. Feel like catching up on manga after I sparked an idea yesterday. Downside: A new chapter of Liar Game has not surfaced yet. Best read since I finished Uzumaki. Maybe I'll finish Basilisk or something. If you're not familiar with what I'm speaking of..

Series Info
Title: Liar Game
OM Rank: 87
Categories: drama, live action, psychological, seinen

Author: Kaitani Shinobu

Artist: Kaitani Shinobu

Chapters: 84 - ongoing - irregular

Congratulations! You are one of the 1 in 100,000 people who have been entered in the amazing LIAR GAME TOURNAMENT!
Along with the postcard there are 100 million yen in notes. That's the beginning of the Liar Game. When the game ends, in 30 days, you will have to return your 100 million. If your opponent steals them, he can keep them as a prize, and you will have a debt of 100 million...



Sunday Night Insomnia 9/27/09

Teaching um... Who cares? Kids love Field Trips!

Everybody who visited this site regularly (or semi-regularly) last year knows that we didn't do to well with having consistent posts. Well, we're trying to change that mentality this year. It's time to get busy! (corny punchline. Hah.) That means more music, more middleclassmen, more um.... I don't know where else to go with this sentence. But I know for a fact (for a fiddddact) that you're not actually here to READ what I have to say. Y'all can't read anyway. I'm trying to keep my good karma, so enough chit-chat.... Here's the new track niggies and bitties!

Badd(RealBad)RoleModels (Prod. Willie Green) - Mars and Duce

No wonder kids are saying the darnedest things!



New track coming produced by Willie Green. Co-starring Mars and duce. Sunday Night Insomnia.

So, what now?

Hello bastards and broads it tis yours truley MARS aka Patrick Blayze, so I KNOW you wondering "what's next for get well soon?" Well I am too so we're in the same boat. But let's enjoy the trip, new musuic will be posted soon. Yaknow! -MARS


Hump Dee?

I was telling D.U.C.E. about this the other day.(because his name is/used to be an acronym.. "Get Well Trivia!") The kinds of commercials I come home to after midnight.. Notice the Old Man's 'sugar-feet' though.

When bad ideas come to fruition.. and get even worse.


this is a public service announcement

Not sponsored by Rocafella... but, still very entertaining. I don't know why, but I find old PSAs wildly amusing. Like I can't help but to smile when I see these. So I'm going start spreading the joy like VD! (is that a pun or just a lame joke?) Anywho, apparently, the number one fact off life is "VD gets around." I can't make this stuff up people. It seems like songs were the way to appeal to the young generation then, so they came up with this stuff. Can't understand why she's so happy to sing about it. And this is what they used to have on TV. Why don't they have this on TV anymore?

P.S. New track will be released by the end of the week.

if i only had some cash: notebook? edition

I always wondered why they called laptops, "notebooks." It always just seemed like more confusion than it was worth, BUT I get it now (I get it!)! ::lightbulb flickers overhead:: This right here, though! This right here?! Bananas. insert lame joke here. If this was put in my price range of about $20, I'd hop on the nearest bus to the nearest airport, to the nearest place in Asia selling it (cause I'm almost positive they gonna get it first, like c'mon... made in taiwan?). Apparently Microsoft is developing it and it might be like, the future of computers. Goodness gracious I need some money. Such is the life of a college boy(? man? young adult? scrapper? hooligan?) This thing is like some type of tablet laptop/book type thing that can instantly make you the envy of your friends. (no lie: that's actually the tagline) don't sue me microsoft.


simply, the carter

This may have been the top video for GWS in 08 (and part of 09). I remember the day too... I saw it extra late one night in September 08. So that means when I decided to show it too the fellas, it may have turned out much weaker than what I experienced when I was 3/4-way into a deep sleep. BUT, luckily for everybody, after a slow start, it ended SUPERBLY. Had it full screen on the big TV, too. Just marvelous. After that, we spread the news of the video around school and it just hit like BLAOW (NICCAT!)! If you ain't seent it yet, just watch. And make sure you watch the WHOLE thing. AND JEEZ there were just soo many quotables... like which one is the best?


arrival (prod. willie green) - mars

Music is fun. So is taking pictures and pointing at random people, eh Mars?

Well, let's keep the tracks coming folks. I'm trying to figure new ways to get new people here. There's only so much fun you can have being the only follower to your own site. Am I right? Yes? Yes.

So, you know Mars. If not, you should know soon. New track produced by Willie Green (good look on the production). Mixed and mastered at the local sweatshop.

Arrival (Prod. Willie Green) - Mars


a new season begins...

Well well well... School season's back, football season's back, soo... i guess it's time for Get Well Soon to return. Even though my boy mars had a few flashes over the summer, nobody really updated the blog. I think its time to give it a new look. Whaddya think? Well, here's a new track from me and the homie Rob. Shoutouts to anyone who becomes a follower for the group. Leave a comment on one of our facebooks or something. Let's get into it!

tooCOOL - Rob Alushun feat. Duce