if i only had some cash: notebook? edition

I always wondered why they called laptops, "notebooks." It always just seemed like more confusion than it was worth, BUT I get it now (I get it!)! ::lightbulb flickers overhead:: This right here, though! This right here?! Bananas. insert lame joke here. If this was put in my price range of about $20, I'd hop on the nearest bus to the nearest airport, to the nearest place in Asia selling it (cause I'm almost positive they gonna get it first, like c'mon... made in taiwan?). Apparently Microsoft is developing it and it might be like, the future of computers. Goodness gracious I need some money. Such is the life of a college boy(? man? young adult? scrapper? hooligan?) This thing is like some type of tablet laptop/book type thing that can instantly make you the envy of your friends. (no lie: that's actually the tagline) don't sue me microsoft.

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