The XX - Crystalised

A video from the album that gets the most play when in the car. Like this morning at 5:30 when Carlito&I went to Shortpump for BlackFriday. Starbucks was PACKED. Next year some of us should camp out.


Gon Getcha Some


Its that time of year again when skinny ppl (like me....and the rest of the Sooners) can pig out like our more full bodied counterparts.

So in the wise words of my boy Big Sean when your Grandma offers you that extra plate you better "Gon Getcha Some"

Stay Up
- Carlito (Yeah,yeah.....there really is a fourth member of Get Well Soon)


Zsolt Sarkozi..

is a beast(in an artistic sense of the word?). The next time I get a moment to sit down and do something constructive I'm going to make sure I procrastinate by setting up an appointment with him for one of these next summers. As for the present? There is work in the morning, afternoon, and probably evening/night. So ladies, keep it tight.

(Can I say that?)


Sunday Night Insomnia 11/15/09

Lawnmower = ?

True story, there's only two people that know the exact recipe for Coca-Cola. There's only two people that know all the herbs and spices used in the Colonel's original KFC recipe. And there's only two people that know what a lawnmower is (MILF? Nice guess, but no). It's probably gonna stay like that for a while to. Get used to it. Or get used to the track. If you're cool, you can do both.

miDDLecLassmen - Lawnmowers


"Just Ventin"


So, it feels like we've been doing this for a lifetime (To me at least...)  ,and while I am proud of how far we've gotten.. There's always room for improvement. I know on this journey called life, we still have a long way to go, and that's the main reason I am so glad we are doing this music thing. To chronicle our ups and downs, good-times and bad nights, and just plain goofy moments. So one day when we have the time and urge to look back we'll know that it all bad out in the end, regardless of the success we may or may not have achieved, we'll know that we had a damn good time doing it. Making memories and sharing moments with anyone with enough will to listen to these group of average astounding guys with dreams, hopes, goals, fears, and wishes; just like you.. but maybe a little more twisted. So keep enjoying the music...and you know we'll enjoy making it. Signing out...



Misadventures of Flapjack

Couldn't find the episode I originally wanted to post but I suppose this will do. Enjoy if you have a sense of humor.


Portishead- Glory Box (The Live Version!)

Duce says I'm overdoing it on the posts. So obviously I'm going to keep the posts coming like.. like a.. uhhh.. nevermind. Shouts to meebo!
THIS IS MY SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I remember looking for this mp3 for ages! a few days and could never locate it. Beth Gibbons delivers, and the production?! Man, classic. So emotional! So dramatic! So miDDLecLass. But seriously, Im in a real musical state at the moment while watching MNF. End of post.

Women in Art

Believe it or not: Wilt Chamberlain has been with them all..

Am I joking or not? Think about it.

Dr.Kode9- Black Sun

I really wouldn't mind making songs over more Dubstep as oppose to regular hip hop. No shots to the post below. *pow pow*


Sunday Night Insomnia 11/8/09

What up biscuits, Its MARS coming through to let you hear the latest SNI drop. So enjoy, something deep to chill to on another Saturday night.

this is maaajorr

Our first external feature. Mama, we made it off our own blog!

Can't you tell by the explanation exclamation marks...!!! Finally!!! Someone gave us the time of day to listen to our mixtape. And here's the kicker.... he liked it. It may not be one of the super-major blogs (I'm looking at you 2dopeboyz) but that doesn't even start to lessen our gratitude. iDOPEBOY, you really came through for us. No previous relation, no butt-kissin, just real recognizing real (<--- How cool am I for saying that? very.) Some pics that made my morning much better. BIG shoutouts to idopeboy.imstrate.com. Hit the jump for more pics of my good morning.


It's The RE-UP!

Red Cover
IT'S A ZIP NOW!!! Click the pic or click the link


Sunday Night Insomnia: The Mixtape

Get Well Soon,GWS
Click the image to download.

I finally decided to put what we've been doing in a cohesive collection. If you've been following the blog (like you should've), you probably heard a good amount of these songs. If you haven't, welcome to Get Well Soon. Everybody has experienced that feeling on Sunday night when you can't go to sleep because you slept in on Saturday and Sunday morning after a full night of partying and getting wasted volunteering at the orphanage. It's what we call Sunday Night Insomnia. So we decided to start releasing tracks for those that stay awake, while the losers everyone else is enjoying a good night of sleep. Here's 16 tracks for the niggies and the bitties, which includes some unreleased isht, brought to you by the good folks at Get Well Soon.