Sunday Night Insomnia: The Mixtape

Get Well Soon,GWS
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I finally decided to put what we've been doing in a cohesive collection. If you've been following the blog (like you should've), you probably heard a good amount of these songs. If you haven't, welcome to Get Well Soon. Everybody has experienced that feeling on Sunday night when you can't go to sleep because you slept in on Saturday and Sunday morning after a full night of partying and getting wasted volunteering at the orphanage. It's what we call Sunday Night Insomnia. So we decided to start releasing tracks for those that stay awake, while the losers everyone else is enjoying a good night of sleep. Here's 16 tracks for the niggies and the bitties, which includes some unreleased isht, brought to you by the good folks at Get Well Soon.

  1. The Hey (Watup!)
  2. Handprints
  3. Arrival
  4. It's All Good
  5. Iron Mike
  6. And I Always
  7. 10 to 3
  8. BaDD(RealBad)RoleModels
  9. iHate2sdays
  10. Couldn't Tell You
  11. Space Jazz
  12. Too Cool
  13. Car Crash 2K10
  14. No Title Til Dawn
  15. Used to Dream
  16. This The Right One
  17. L***m***** (Snippet)

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