Sunday Night Insomnia 5/31/09

Ahhh, oh the days fly by. Already the end of may in a couple of minutes. Things are gettin kind of hectic for ya on the closing of the school year and all of that. But this should be a good summer for GWS and THE Astro Boyz. So here's something to kick the summer off. MARS - Amazing

Download HERE
(P.S. Go Magic!)


Sunday Night Insomnia 5/24/09

Ok, hows it going peeps. I've been working on a lot of tracks these past weeks for an upcoming mixtape. Ill be distributing these tapes myself as usual but probably in more different places as usual, also were trying to get a couple shows and all that good stuff. So on to the track, here's 'A Woman's Heart'.
-by MARS

Download HERE


Sunday Night Insomnia 5/17/09

Yea yea... Everybody's a critic. No matter the definition

So you may not know about this song, but if you did... They wait is finally over. Middleclassmen two SNI's in a row? Somebody's getting on the griiiinnnd!!! Enough talk though. Listen to the track... (I feel like we should make a video for this one...)

iHate(2's)days - .middleclassmen

iHate(2's)DAYS update....

Well, for those that know about it, this is a highly anticipated track. But then again... so is every Get Well Soon track (yeah, i'm feeling myself [| |]. so what?) It should be getting released tonight. However, that's only if the Magic win this Game 7. If the Celtics win (hopefully not.), then the track isn't coming out til Tuesday/Wednesday. Why? Cause I effin' feel like it! Thats why! Chea!


Sunday Night Insomnia 5/10/09

I actually meant Kung Fu... not Kung Few...

Sooo.... while one half of the G-Dub was out making connections and whatnot, the other half was recording. Sounds kinda productive if you ask me, but I feel like we coulda done more... Oh well... We wanted to put an intro on this, but that wasn't done in time but still... I been playing this track on repeat for like an hour even though I'm tryin' to listen to alot less rap for a while (read: Mission Impossible). We'll see how that goes. Here goes the fruits of miDDLecLassmen's labor.