Sunday Night Insomnia 10/25/09

Looks like the posters have been slacking lately. Personally, I had the swine flu, so I take zero blame for that. We do got a new track for y'all, though. Over some good ol' Dilla production, which is always good. I got homework to do, tests to study for, and I feel like I should be doing something musically. Well folks... I'm failing at all three. So, let's make it happen!

Couldn't Tell You - .miDDLecLassmen.


wednesday night funnies...

Something that kept my spirits up, in the midst of my bout with the Swine (yea, I had it).


SoundCloud Test.Something Wrong

Testing out Sound Cloud. Seems nice so far but only being able to upload five tracks(hopefully 5 tracks show up.) a month is a bummer since I don't plan on getting a pro account anytime soon.

Bang Gang- Something Wrong by theSOONERS

Bang Gang's last album up since I don't have five tracks of ours on this cpu. Might as well promote somebody, right? Listen to it. Appreciate it. Love it. I am.

*Wondering where the live action Fist of the Northstar video is..*


Newest Inspiration/Fascination: Film-Noir

I would explain how&why I fell into this deep interest for film-noir within these past few hours but I'm too busy scouring Google for the soundtracks to Asphalt Jungle and Key Largo. Not to mention I need to get into my 2k10 Association (miDDLecLass vice #1.). So here's a wikiLINK.

Maybe Portishead's 'Dummy' album (which has been on a constant loop all day) is to blame? Any way you cut it, Wiki wins.


Sunday Night Insomnia 10/12/09

Well here we go again, another sunday another fun-day! (or not). I know you've been missing MARS, well here's something to feed your appetite. Some more rap for the soul. I recorded the first version of this song a couple of weeks ago and finally came back to write another verse. Here it is-

Dead Presidents II



Dog Food

My bbbad, people. My bbbad. I forgot we had this track in the vaults. He went in on this track, so the title was fitting (no shots at everybody's favorite dog-loving football player that might've been a low blow) Anyways.... here's some new heat from Mars' favorite rapper.

Dog Food - Rob Alushun



Who knew this play on words could be so corny. (Ha.) But seriously, if you think you are good at producing.... Well, if you think you're great at producing (we actually DON'T want none of that mediocre isht) then send us some beats man. You can drop a link in the comments section or you can send it to our email at gwsamerica@gmail.com

Hit us up!

We'll prolly have a teaser for the next track release sometime this weekend. Who knows, eh? Just keep checking le site and you should be good.