Sunday Night Insomnia 9/27/09

Teaching um... Who cares? Kids love Field Trips!

Everybody who visited this site regularly (or semi-regularly) last year knows that we didn't do to well with having consistent posts. Well, we're trying to change that mentality this year. It's time to get busy! (corny punchline. Hah.) That means more music, more middleclassmen, more um.... I don't know where else to go with this sentence. But I know for a fact (for a fiddddact) that you're not actually here to READ what I have to say. Y'all can't read anyway. I'm trying to keep my good karma, so enough chit-chat.... Here's the new track niggies and bitties!

Badd(RealBad)RoleModels (Prod. Willie Green) - Mars and Duce

No wonder kids are saying the darnedest things!

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