Sunday Night Insomnia 4/12/09

"OOOOOOHHH!!! 757 on 'em"

Ah man.... we (read: Middle Classmen) probably coulda been way more productive considering we had a whole week (springbreak) to record. But we were SUPER-productive for the first 6 hours of one day, and then... pure exhaustion. At one point, we were recording a new track (not this one) and then all of a sudden the whole computer cuts off. We were on the last verse. Pandemonium ensued (hm... didn't know I knew that word...). We look down and see the charger is unplugged like the gods were working on their sabotaging skills. Luckily ,the track was recovered though. But by this time... Huh...? I'm supposed to be putting up a track? Not ranting? Jeez... a brother try to share his experiences and this is how... Man... Just take the track. ungrateful bastards...

Get Well Soon - The Hey (Watup!)

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